Descendants – Parent Portal

How to move CPA emails to the primary tab on a Gmail inbox:

First, find the email from us in our Promotions or Junk or Spam folder (using the search function can help).  Go the Children’s Performing Arts email and click the box to the far left of the section so a check appears. Right click on the now yellow section, and click “Move To Tab” and then click the “Primary” section. A pop up message will appear near the top of the page confirming that the email was moved to the primary tab, and will also ask you if you want future emails from [Insert a jumble of numbers and letters here] to be moved to the “Primary” folder.   

*Please note, all email providers are different.  We cannot ensure that weekly emails will show up in email boxes, many providers use filtering that can filter our emails out.  We provide this Parent Portal to ensure that parents and students have a place to get weekly information.