Children’s Performing Arts (CPA) is an educational organization focused on artistic expression, participant inclusion, leadership development, and community engagement. Since 2005, we have provided quality educational experiences for children through theater, music, and the performing arts. Our measure of success is the personal growth of every child we teach, both in terms of artistic skills gained within our programs, but also the invaluable skills of self confidence, leadership, group collaboration, and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Our goal is that every child feels a part of the whole production and learns that every role is important. Through our programs, we want our students to gain communication skills, task commitment, discipline, and self confidence that they will apply it to their daily lives at home, at school, and within their community. These skills enrich the lives of the child, their families, and the greater community.

Photo from Frozen Jr, 2018. Photo by CMI Images.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform to explore the world of artistic expression for children and their community. We do this by providing quality educational, theatrical experiences, which enhance children’s self confidence, personal growth, group collaboration and leadership skills, while building community partnerships.

Statement of Inclusion

Children’s Performing Arts honors the uniqueness of each individual and embraces diverse backgrounds, values and viewpoints to build a strong, inclusive community that prepares youth for lives in a multicultural society. This means providing all who live, learn, and work within our organization to have the opportunity to experience a broad range of ideas and perspectives. Diversity is an irreplaceable educational and artistic asset that develops the whole person. As we embrace the opportunity to learn from each other; it challenges us to grow and think differently. Quality education is enhanced by shared perspectives of those with varied backgrounds and views. Children’s Performing Arts strives to create a supportive environment that welcomes all people regardless of race, beliefs, disability or economic status.