Legacy Program

​This isn’t your typical community theater program.  All children who register are able to participate!  

Our Legacy Program runs six months (September-February) and culminates in two weekends of performances.

Current Legacy Programs

Alice in Wonderland (Rising Stars & Shooting Stars)

Grades: K-6th Grade
Dates: SS: October 5th - February 2nd. RS: November 3rd - February 2nd
Time: SS: Saturday (10am - 1pm), Sunday (1 -4pm) Friday, January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st (6 - 8pm) RS: Saturday (9 - 10am), Sunday (12 - 1pm)
Performance(s): February 11th, 14th - 16th, & 21st - 23rd
Location: Forest Lake High School
Cost: $370 SS / $325 RS

About the Legacy Program

Children’s Performing Arts works with all the children at different levels to help them all grow as artists.  

To achieve this, the Legacy Program has three levels.

The RISING STARS are our youngest group of Kindergarten-2nd grade performers.  We serve a smaller number of children in this group so we can best meet their learning requirements.  This group meets starting in January every week leading up to the April performances.  Please see the calendar for details!  These children are highlighted in their own show as they present a 10-15 minute vignette of the main production just prior to the performance of our older group.  This smaller format allows the children more individual attention while learning theatrical elements including blocking, singing in a large group, performing solos and duets, choreography, and dialog.

The SHOOTING STARS is comprised of 3rd-6th graders.  This more mature age group works to create a 1 1/2 hour full-scale production.  This is achieved through theater education sessions held on Sundays between 1-4 pm starting in November.  Many times we will call special groups from 1-2 pm and the main full cast from 2-4 pm.  A variety of theater skills are taught utilizing rotations in groups of 2 to 30.  Groups are led by different production staff and lessons are tailored using chosen scenes from the production.  Our team facilitates lessons in singing, acting (which includes theater games and character development work), and dance from beginner to advanced choreography. 

Our selection process to assign roles is very unique.  The process to place each child in their role(s) takes 4-6 weeks.  Within our instructional rotations, we evaluate the skills of our cast.  We also give every child the opportunity to try out for multiple roles to allow them the experience of auditioning – no matter their skill set.  Skills we evaluate include speaking, singing, and dancing.  We strive to enhance their growth of each specific child with this process – and most importantly to help them feel SUCCESSFUL and have fun.

While students are rehearsing weekly on Sundays between the hours of 1 and 4, volunteers are working to make costumes and sets. Every child has at least one costume with approximately a dozen children serving in multiple roles requiring multiple costumes. A typical show has 8 sets to create. These sets and costumes are conceptualized and implemented utilizing parent volunteers. We aim to exceed the expectations of our audience by creating costumes and sets similar to what you’d find at a professional production.

Forest Lake Area Schools ISD #831 is not endorsing or sponsoring the activities conducted by Children’s Performing Arts on the Forest Lake Area High School campus.

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