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Who are we?

Children’s Performing Arts (CPA) specializes in children’s educational leadership programs through the performing arts and strives to bring exciting, fun, and entertaining theater arts to our community. We are different from typical community theater programs in that every child who registers for our programs is given a role or multiple roles in the productions. Every child is taught that every role is important to the final production. We are committed to teaching the importance of being leaders and giving back to their local and global community. 

Why is theater important?

Theater is vital, especially in this digital age, where arts programs are being cut from schools, and children spend more time looking at screens. Theater experiences are influential in all aspects of a child’s life. Theater stimulates creativity and critical thinking in unique ways. Theater teaches empathy; actors put themselves in another’s shoes. Theater helps children with confidence, public speaking, personal relationships, and team building. Theater teaches flexibility and problem solving. On stage there is no replay button–the show must go on. Theater is a positive, life-changing force in the lives of children.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a platform to explore the world of artistic expression for children and their community. We do this by providing quality, educational theatrical experiences, which enhance children’s self-confidence, personal growth, group collaboration skills, and community partnerships.

Why support us

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, CPA is dependent on donations and sponsorships from the community. Every child deserves the chance to be a part of a quality theater arts program. This is why Children’s Performing Arts has chosen to keep participation fees low and accessible. Without our community, CPA would no longer be able to provide this service. With donations and sponsorships, we purchase needed equipment, such as stage props, costume supplies, sound equipment, and more. As CPA grows, our needs grow. Please consider an individual donation or corporate sponsorship to help us develop strong future members of our community.

Matching Gifts

You can double the impact of your donation when your employer matches your contribution.

We encourage you to contact your company’s human resource representative about setting up a matching contribution initiative.

When your employer matches your tax-deductible contribution, your donation has twice the impact! A $500 contribution becomes a $1,000 contribution with a full match, which not only helps us reach our goals, but enables you to take advantage of all the benefits of that higher level

Donor Privacy Policy

Children’s Performing Arts respects the privacy of our donors.

1. CPA shall not sell or otherwise make available the names and contact information of its donors, except where disclosure is required by law.

2. CPA shall not send mailings on behalf of other organizations.

CPA collects your personal information to facilitate our programs and payments, and to keep you and your family informed on upcoming productions and program offerings. We also may use your personal information to build demographic information to secure grant funding.

If you need to access, change, or ask for a correction in your personal information, please email us at

If you do not want us to continue to contact or use your personal information, please contact us at

Children’s Performing Arts makes every effort we can to keep your personal information safe and secure.