Registration Information

How to Register

  • Please read all the information provided on the page for each program.  Take note of the dates/times for the program.
  • Each program will have a registration form.  Please make sure to fill this out completely!
  • Each program has a participation fee.  This fee varies from program to program and can be paid directly from the registration form.
  • Please check the volunteer requirements for each program.
  • Each program may also have waivers that will need to be signed and brought to the first rehearsal.
  • Please email us at if you have any questions about a program or this process! Thank you!

Refund Policy

  • Full refunds are available until registration closes (registration will close 3 weeks before the first day of auditions/rehearsals). 
  • Once registration closes, a full credit (-$25 registration fee) for a future program is available until the first day of rehearsal or auditions. 
  • Beginning the first day of auditions and/or rehearsals, whichever comes first, a 50% credit for future programs will be available.
  • Once the cast list has been posted, no credits or refunds will be available, although this can be adjusted on a case by case basis.

Attendance Requirements

What are your attendance requirements? These can vary from program to program.  We clearly have expectations that if your child is signed up for a program they will be attending most, if not all, of the rehearsals.  This is for the success of your child, and the overall program, as our programs are heavily collaborative.   

We do, however, understand that emergencies come up, children fall ill, and plans are sometimes scheduled far in advance.  When signing up for a production-based program, all students will be required to fill out a conflict form so that we can accurately and efficiently schedule rehearsals. These conflict forms will be turned in at auditions. Once your conflict form is turned in please do your best not to add conflicts.

However, we do understand that life happens. Please, let us know if something comes up as soon as you can.  Email is our preferred method to communicate absences so we have a record of your notification to us. For most programs, absences will be sent to the stage manager. Otherwise, please send them to

Legacy Program Attendance Requirements:

  • Typically, Leads and Soloists can miss no more than 6 hours of rehearsal time or a max of 2 excused absences.  Absences or unexcused absences may prompt Production Directors to reassign leads and/or solos.  We may also need to reassign blocking or participation within certain numbers.
  • Typically, Chorus members can miss no more than 10 hours of rehearsal time or a max of 4 excused absences.  Absences or unexcused absences may prompt Production Directors to reassign minor lines and/or solos.

Volunteer Requirements

What are your volunteer requirements? CPA has a rich history of volunteers being an important part of our, and our children’s, success.  We would like you to feel as though you are part of our program, and you are all an important piece.

Each program has different volunteer requirements:

Camps, Classes, and Workshops:  No mandatory volunteer requirement! However, if you have expertise you’re willing to share let us know by emailing
Main Stage Series Productions:  Please see the link below for specifics.

More volunteer information can be found here.

Statement of Inclusion

​Children’s Performing Arts honors the uniqueness of each individual and embraces diverse backgrounds, values, and viewpoints to build a strong, inclusive community that prepares youth for lives in a multicultural society.  This means providing all who live, learn, and work within our organization to have the opportunity to experience a broad range of ideas and perspectives.  Diversity is an irreplaceable educational and artistic asset that develops the whole person.  As we embrace the opportunity to learn from each other; it challenges us to grow and think differently.  Quality education is enhanced by the shared perspectives of those with varied backgrounds and views.  Children’s Performing Arts strives to create a supportive environment that welcomes all people regardless of race, beliefs, disability, or economic status.